Threats to Civil Liberties

I just can’t work up any outrage about Homeland Security types monitoring the phone conversations of suspected and known terrorists without benefit of warrant. Did the FBI ever get warrants for keeping track of the German American Bund during World War II? I don’t think so.

There are however serious threats to our civil liberties that escape the outrage of the left. The biggest of course is the slaughter of million of un-born children on whim and without warrant or trial.


If you’re a religious person, the biggest threat to your civil right to practice your religion is ( irony of ironies) the American Civil Liberties Union which is doing its very best to run God not only out of the public square but just about of any place He may be found. The ACLU is joined in it its effort to destroy religion by educationalists, public and private, who seek to raise the ante by eliminating free speech all together. In today’s schools, from Kindergarten to graduate school, woe betide the student or teacher who violates Political Correctness. What is or is not politically correct of course is decided by those same educationalists. Meanwhile while we have students who are trained only in keeping their mouths shut, all measures of the performance of the schools continues to drop even as money spent per student is on the rise. The truth is becoming more obvious every day; if we gave these bureaucrats ALL the money they’d still graduate kids from colleges and universities who, literally, can’t make change or read a timetable.

The final threat to civil liberties is perhaps the greatest. The leadership of a major political party is all but openly rooting for Al Queda and would obviously rather see America lose the war on terrorism than win it with a different party in office. If Islamofacism is successful, how many civil liberties will we have then?

If it takes a little eavesdropping on our enemies to defeat those who have already killed our civilian countrymen by the thousands, I have no problem with it. It seems as if the only ones who do are the same who’d complain if the other party found a cure for cancer and aids. They’d probably say it was just a photo op.

They’ve done it before and they’ll surely do it again.

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